Studio Ripa Montesano & Partners was born from the experience of its Founder Domenico Vittorio Ripa Montesano of Montemurro in the management of community projects aimed at development and aggregation between member states. The year of experience gained in Florence in the course of management experiences gave rise to the desire to create, with a cohesive group of partners, an Advisory Firm that would develop Business Synergies, looking at the potential of harmonizing different business contexts.

“Visio-projectuality” is our core business. We have worked to ensure that a project idea materializes in a constructive modus operandi, capable of bringing different industrial cultures into dialogue, enhancing their business development opportunities.

With the experience and development of the common relational heritage, it has been possible to progressively weave significant and growing relationships between Institutions, Foundations, Multinationals and Investment Funds, shaping innovative and ongoing projects with the multiple changes dictated by globalization.

The firm, with its partners, is active internationally in order to better follow its selected clientele. The support activity towards primary Investment Funds has cemented multi-year relationships with the growing intention of providing support and advisory to the related needs.

This advisory support to the Funds on the national territory is mainly conducted by the Partners primarily in sectors such as innovative renewable energy, healthcare, luxury, hospitality and real estate.

A branch of the firm deals with commodities trading at the international level.

" An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest "

Benjamin Franklin